A downloadable game for Windows

Growing in more ways than one, Build Town is a great way to let loose and be the God for once. Grow your population of Beings and keep them alive by increasing their resources (food, wood) and explore the land.

WASD = Camera movement

Left-Click-Hold = Selection Drag box (To select more Beings)

Left-Click = Individual Being selection

Right-Click = Allocation of Beings

Scroll-Up = Zoom Out

Scroll-Down = Zoom In

*Recommended Size - 1920x1080


Build Town.exe 14 MB


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Trying to launch the game gives me this prompt:

"There should be '135515_Data'

folder next to the executable"

I cannot open or play the game.


Build Town_Data is missing from the download? I can't play this but I'd very much like to!